Battling the what if's when exhibiting artwork for the first time.

Battling the what if's when exhibiting artwork for the first time.
Wow...Someone wants my work. 
I am super giddy and over the moon excited.
What now?
Being a novice comes with many new challenges and exciting days when it comes to the art world. Okay, so I made some art. Now I have to travel with it, put hardware on it, and install it too?
To be honest with you, these seem tedious but I can tell you for me, they are more than tedious. They are daunting and down right scary for me.
It's the little things that always gets me, you know!
What if I accidentally wreck my painting when transporting it to the destination and puncturing it somehow? Or  use the wrong material to wrap it in? Or not ship it correctly?
What if I screw the hanging hardware unevenly and leave holes all over the wood frame? What if I use the wrong kind and it can't support the weight? What if I wrap the edges with white or black tape incorrectly and it's wobbly and looks unprofessional? What if I hang it wrong and uneven at the destination?  Have you ever tried putting artwork up? Evenly? This is no easy business. Or what if they don't like my work suddenly as I am putting it up?
What if...
What if...
What if...
I sat in my house waiting to call back a potential person interested in displaying my work with all these very, very negative thoughts and realized I was getting in my own way.
What if I switched those questions into something better?
What if I did an amazing job with picking the best products that protected my work properly? What if I got some marvellous ladies to put in the hardware for hanging until I built my confidence and was taught how? What if I took my time with transporting and make sure I am not rushed? What if I am surprised by the skills I had at hanging my own work and perhaps realize I could do it all along, but never had enough confidence in myself? What if they are so thrilled and exciting about my work that it brings hope and a lively conversation between viewers in a rather dull moment? What if someone see's it and becomes a collector? Or is inspired to become a painter themselves?
What if I believed in myself more?
What if...
Can I tell you, the result was me experiencing a lot of the second version of my dreaded what if's. I still need to work on trying to put a few less holes in the wall where I am hanging my work, lol, but I did it!
And it was a beautiful success!!!
Can I encourage you today to see your potential. 
To not let yourself get in your own way. And really love what you do and who you are.
Try something new!
Flip the what if's!
Here is where the results may lead you--if you let it!
La Seduisante Dragonne painting hung at the Cultural Centre with Melanie Kilsby standing in front
La Seduisante Dragonne painting by Melanie Kilsby being installed at the Cultural Centre
Melanie Kilsby standing in front of her painting titled, "Ocean Floor"
Touching Heaven painting by Melanie Kilsby exhibited at Restorative Health building
Painting titled, "The Gardens at VanDusen" by Melanie Kilsby exhibited at Restorative Health
One last thing I want to leave with you today is this...
I believe in you!