It's all about the small steps in life...

It has come time to take the final step and share my work with the world.

This has been a difficult, but freeing experience. I am finally ready to unveil who I am as an artist, the story that took me here, and allow for my work to be held in the arms of enthusiasts, collector's, admirers, museums, and friends.

This is me on canvas and that is humbling to say the least. Each step is important, though difficult in becoming an artist and healing.

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I Entered An Art Competition!
Well two actually. The first is The Salt Spring National Art Prize Competition where I entered my work titled: JUICE It's a biennial competition and exhibition of Canadian Visual Art. The award winners will be announced at the Gala Awards...
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I am finally doing it!
I am an artist. A local abstract artist in the Greater Vancouver area of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I can't believe I am putting myself out there. It takes a lot of courage to step out into the unknown. But...
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