Meet the Artist


My name is Mélanie and I am so glad you are here :)

The best way to connect is through the love of fine art and for me, it is through abstract art.

I am a local artist originally from the greater Vancouver area, but now reside in Central Alberta. I pour my heart and soul onto the canvas. Not only for my own healing, but in hope that others may experience my heart and soul in and through my work.

Vincent Van Gogh says it best when he says,

"Art is to console those who are broken by life." - Vincent Van Gogh


Particularly drawn to the freedom of abstract and intuitive art, I allow myself to express the raw and unfiltered emotions felt throughout different aspects in my life, and let them break forth into pure joy on the canvas. It's truly remarkable and unlike anything I've experienced before and will continue to outwardly express using art.

Not only do I create with oil mediums on canvas using vibrant colours and emotions, I also am an author writing YA, Middle Grade, and Children’s 12th century adventure books that breathe life into the fairytales you know and love while saturating the pages with God’s unchanging hope. 

As mentioned above, I have five beautiful children which keep me on my toes amid piled cups of tea, an open sky, and organic living.

Now that you know me better, let's stay connected so I can get to know you. Subscribe to the newsletter if you haven't already and if I don't see you at the check out or in the blog, thanks for stopping by and saying hi!